We Are People Who Care

We believe that homelessness is a community problem that requires a community solution. We also recognize that the community in which we operate is a community filled with compassion and committed citizens, businesses, churches, and organizations. As a result, Lindsey House is a place of new beginnings and hope in a community that cares.

Watch “My Best Friend Julie” ¬†and “Ryan’s Ever After” to see how Lindsey House has impacted these families.

Everyone who lends their time, talent, or treasure to support our mission and goals shares a common value of caring for the families that call Lindsey House home. We believe in our families and we all work together to support their journey to self-sufficiency. Change, at any level, occurs in relationships. We are an organization that values people and the opportunities that spring from working together to solve problems.

We help women with children as they transition from homelessness, learn important life skills, and regain the confidence to become self-sufficient!

By participating in our program, Lindsey House families will have the opportunity to change their lives. After successfully completing our program, families will have reduced or eliminated housing-related debt, stabilized employment, learned to live within a budget, built an emergency savings fund of at least $500, and secured safe, affordable housing.