Prepared for Success

All of our supportive services stress responsible living and decision making. We believe this is necessary when it comes to a family becoming and remaining self-sufficient. In line with our philosophy, we don’t to do anything for our families that they can do for themselves. We do provide them with assistance, encouragement, support, and training to reach their goals.

The supportive services offered at Lindsey House focus on helping families reach financial independence through budgeting, debt reduction, employment stability, career preparation, problem solving, time management, planning, communication, and family support. These services are designed to help families transition from homelessness, learn important life skills, and regain the confidence to become self-sufficient.

Each program participant works with their Case Manager to create an Individualized Service Plan (ISP). The ISP becomes a roadmap to self-sufficiency and guides the work done during a family’s stay at Lindsey House. All ISP’s identify goals related to money management, debt reduction, employment, education, family stability, and more.