Welcome Home

Don’t you love being welcomed home after a long day at work? One of the first things that I do when I arrive is to take my shoes off. There is nothing more satisfying. Our rituals, no matter what they are, signal the end of our hectic day. With the removal of my shoes comes a big sigh of relief. With a little luck, no emergency calls will change my plans. Home is our refuge from all of the challenges of life. It is a place of peace, family, love, comfort, and friends.

For many, home is a mirage. They dream and plan for its existence, but it is always just out of their reach. There is no place to call home. Today 130,000 families are just one paycheck away from losing their homes in Tulsa. Poor families headed by single mothers are especially vulnerable.

When there is no place to call home, where do families go? Where do children do their homework after school? Where do moms bath her children before tucking them into bed? When there is no place to call home, how can they maintain the rituals that define family? Home – it’s the place where families belong.

Transitional Living Centers of Oklahoma (TLC) believes that every family should have a place to call home. Lindsey House was created to ensure that mothers do not have to put their children to bed in the back of the family car. We recognize that homelessness is a community problem that requires a community solution. As a result, we partner with the Tulsa community to provide mothers with children a safe place to call home and a hope for the future.

When families enter Lindsey House, they are welcomed home. A child finds a teddy bear resting against the pillow on a freshly made bed. A mother finds food in the refrigerator and pantry that will enable her to make a healthy meal for her children. Families find the place where their rituals can be restored. Before long, the shoes have been removed. Welcome home.