Meet The staff

Maggie Hoey, President & CEO

Maggie joins Lindsey House with a decade of experience in Tulsa-area nonprofits. She has worked in resource development, marketing and community development through previous positions at the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, Tulsa Habitat for Humanity, Iron Gate, Tulsa Regional Chamber and the City of Tulsa. She has a bachelors of science from Oklahoma State University and a masters of public administration from OU-Tulsa. She’s committed to supporting the women of Lindsey House on their path to independence.

Bre Jackson, Program Services Coordinator

Bre Jackson didn’t realize her love for helping others until she found herself in a position of needing help. In February of 2016, a mere two weeks after her 23rd birthday, she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. During her 2 years of treatment, she went on to graduate Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and minors in International Management, Marketing, and Economics. This experience opened her eyes to her own privilege and motivated her toward bettering herself to inspire others to do the same. Once she was declared cancer free, she began her leadership journey by completing the Thrive Tulsa program. From there her path became clearer and she connected with Lindsey House through their shared love of hands-on skills training. She now is a Financial Literacy Program Services Coordinator. To this day she maintains that all women should try shaving their heads at least once.

Nicole Eddy, Program Coordinator

Nicole is a graduate of the Lindsey House program and has a passion for helping women who are in a place she knows all too well. Her tireless energy keeps everything running smoothly in our home.  She joined the staff of Lindsey House in 2016. She dedicates her life to her two daughters and to making the world a better place.

Tia Pope, Program Services Coordinator

Tia is a graduate of the Lindsey House program and shows her love for this organization by keeping the offices functioning smoothly. Tia has extensive customer service skills and enjoys learning new ways to make the world a better place. She and her two daughters are grateful for the lessons they learned while at Lindsey House and enjoy sharing those lessons with others.

Jyme Felix, Office Manager

Jyme is a graduate of the Lindsey House program and has a passion for helping single mothers gain independence. She is a single mother of three beautiful daughters and is grateful for the life God has given them. Jyme is very involved in the substance abuse recovery community and strives to continue growing into the woman and mother she was created to be.