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“My home.“

Families come to us with only a few small belongings. Because of the careful preparations of our donors and volunteers, we can immediately provide them with basic household furnishings to start their journey to independence. Each family is provided with a fully furnished apartment to call home for the entirety of their stay at Lindsey House.  Our belief is that mothers will be able to learn and complete our curriculum much more successfully if they do not have to worry about where their children will be sleeping at night.  

Supportive Services

Our unique approach in providing supportive services allows each family to maximize goal achievement. Each program participant meets one-on-one with a Program Services Coordinator to set goals and create an Individualized Service Plan. Lindsey House has three core curriculum pieces which take 9-12 months to complete.

Financial Literacy

Each family is taught how to live on a cash basis budget. Families also reduce or eliminate debt and create a savings fund while at Lindsey House. We believe a woman must be able to manage her resources to become independent.

Life Skills

In order to manage everyday situations, all independent adults need to have a secure grasp on many important life skills. The Lindsey House Life Skills curriculum includes lessons on time management, problem solving, planning, communication, etc. All of us practice these skills every day to exist in this world.

Workplace Proficiency:

The Workplace Proficiency curriculum addresses soft skills needed to secure employment and advance in any career. Lessons include resume building, interview skills, basic computer skills and more.

If you are in need of emergency housing, you can find a directory of programs that may be a better fit for your needs here.

Am I Qualified for Lindsey House?

We believe that families who receive support and services can overcome the impact of situational homelessness. We seek to provide services to families who meet the following qualifications:


  • A family, headed by a woman, must be facing significant financial difficulties and be ready to change her life.
  • Woman has legal custody of at least one child or is working to regain custody.
  • School-age children must be enrolled in an accredited school. Younger children must be enrolled in an early childhood education program.
  • Woman must be employed or actively seeking employment.
  • The family agrees to actively participate in the Lindsey House program and abide by all program and premises rules and conditions.

What Can I Expect?

Lindsey House expects that each mother will work hard at achieving stability and move into permanent housing. To this end, program participants are required to be employed and working while all children must attend school.


Lindsey House services include strengths-based case management, budget planning and coaching, family management support, employment and education support, general life skills, and a furnished apartment. Some of the other program expectations include but are not limited to the following:

  • Program enrollment fee that is due upon entry into the program
  • Monthly program fee and savings deposit based upon your income
  • Community chores
  • Passing regular apartment inspections
  • Clean and sober environment
  • Commitment to working the program

Families may be eligible to participate in the program for up to 24 months depending upon their progress with the individual service plan and compliance with program and premises policies.

How Do I Apply for Lindsey House?

Our application is a three-step process. If, at the end of each step, it seems our program may be a good match for you, you may proceed to the next step.

  • Step One: Prescreen assessment over the phone: 918.933.5222

  • Step Two: Full Application

  • Step Three: In-Person Interview

For more information call us at 918.933.5222