It is the Little Things

What makes OU or OSU produce outstanding football teams each year? Why does the University of Kansas return to the “big dance” year after year? Is there magic in the plains?

Although Sooner, Cowboy, and Jayhawk fans might argue that there is magic in the plains, the reality is very simple. It is the basics! Practice after practice focuses on the little things that produce victories on the football field or the basketball court. Things like:

  • Catch the ball before you run
  • Block out your opponent
  • Watch the ball

UCLA coaching legend John Wooden left a legacy on the basketball court. He also left us many thoughts to live by. “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”

Athletic teams, corporations, nonprofit organizations, and individuals succeed in their fields because they pay attention to the details. Nothing is too small, and often times the greatest effort is expended on the little things.

Transitional Living Centers of Oklahoma (TLC) has developed programs designed to teach the women of Lindsey House to focus on the little things. Things like:

  • Keep your receipts and track your expenses
  • Create goals and action steps to meet them
  • Be on time and ready for meetings
  • Respect the advice and experiences of others

Big things happen when we pay attention to the little things. Overcoming the challenges of poverty is not a simple task, but it is the goal of the mothers that call Lindsey House home. Vital steps include learning to manage their income and expenses, creating and growing an emergency savings account, and being very deliberate about their actions. Staff and volunteer partners work with each mother to help her learn and practice the little things that will help her accomplish her goal of self-sufficiency. Trust me, there is nothing more rewarding than watching one of the Lindsey House mothers “hit it out of the park!”