Hug Quota

It’s been a good day. My hug count is at two and climbing. Hug #1 was granted by 4-year-old Isaiah early this morning in the Lindsey House parking lot. His mom was trying to get him and his baby sister loaded into the car so she could take them to school before heading to work. Isaiah had another idea. As soon as he saw me get out of my car, he headed straight over with arms wide open. “Good morning Miss Karen!” I return his hug with my own greeting and a big hug for my little friend.

My day had barely begun and yet I had already been blessed by the gratitude of a Lindsey House family. I am showered with love and appreciation every day, if not from the families of Lindsey House, from the countless volunteers who fill the halls with joy. I get hugs from them as well!  Oscar Wilde’s thoughts about giving summarize my experience with TLC volunteers and the families of Lindsey House. “To give and not expect return, that is what lies at the heart of love.”

Recently seven Vacation Bible School kids and their teachers spent the morning cleaning Lindsey House and making “Happy Fourth of July” posters for each family. Another volunteer sorted donations. Two other volunteers hung sponsor plaques outside each apartment door. Each of these volunteers spent their time at Lindsey House trying to make it a special place for our families. They gave their love through the gift of time without any expectation or hesitation.

While I did my best to express my sincere appreciation to each of these special people, I wish they could feel Isaiah’s arms wrapped around their necks and hear his sweet, thankful voice.

Hug #2 came from 3-year-old Justus, but I’m not sure you would call what Justus did as just a hug. Instead, he crawled into my arms and wrapped himself around me. Justus gives hugs away as often as he can. His love for us is apparent. How do you put a value on a job benefit like hugs?

Have you reached your hug quota? Can we ever get enough hugs? Are you ready to share the greatest gift by volunteering at TLC’s Lindsey House? Come on down! Unlike Peanuts’ Lucy and her advice, we do not charge a cent for hugs! And watch out; you might just get a hug from Isaiah or Justus!