The Impact Of Your Giving

Thank you for considering a contribution to Transitional Living Centers of Oklahoma. Your gift helps advance our mission to help families transition from homelessness, learn important life skills, and regain the confidence to become self-sufficient.

Your donation to TLC will directly aid homeless and low-income Lindsey House mothers and children on their journey toward renewed hope and stability. At TLC, we believe that everyone deserves a place to call home.

For $25

For $50

Provide a Healthy Start

Build Skills For Success

About 45% of homeless children and youth are overweight or at-risk of being overweight due to inappropriate food consumption. Your $25 gift will provide fresh fruits and vegetables to a new Lindsey House family.  More than 40% of women who head families are now living in poverty.  Case Management helps families build the skills to transition out of poverty.  Your $50 gift will provide a week of Case Management to a Lindsey House mother.
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For $75 Put a Smile on a Child’s Face

For $125 Make Visible The Invisible

Homeless children are eight times more likely to be asked to repeat a grade. Your $75 gift will provide a school backpack with one uniform for a Lindsey House child. 1.6 million children go to sleep each night without a place of their own. This invisible population is crying for stability.  Your $125 gift will sponsor a child for a week at Lindsey House.
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