Come In From the Cold

Burr….., it is cold outside.  According to my favorite weather forecaster, it is going to be 6 degrees when I roll out of my warm bed tomorrow morning.  “Cold and breezy with highs near 20 and wind chill values near … see more

The Times Are A Changing

It’s Tuesday afternoon and Tulsa has escaped another “snowmageddon” that dumped a foot or more of snow in parts of Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas.  As I savour a wonderful latte at one of Tulsa’s new hot spots, I see no … see more

It is the Little Things

What makes OU or OSU produce outstanding football teams each year? Why does the University of Kansas return to the “big dance” year after year? Is there magic in the plains? Although Sooner, Cowboy, and Jayhawk fans might argue that … see more

Escaping Poverty

I spent some time at home last weekend with my family in Topeka, Kansas. I got into a spirited yet respectful discussion with my mother about a person’s ability to support themselves making $15.00/hr. Mom and I often agree but … see more

Hug Quota

It’s been a good day. My hug count is at two and climbing. Hug #1 was granted by 4-year-old Isaiah early this morning in the Lindsey House parking lot. His mom was trying to get him and his baby sister … see more

Seventy-Five Days That Changed My Life

When I headed to John Brown University as a college freshman, I never planned on working in social services. In fact, I had not planned to graduate from JBU. I would spend two years in Siloam Springs and finish most … see more

The Homeless Child

The most shocking statistic I have ever read reports that the average age of a homeless person in the United States is nine years old. Not nineteen or twenty-nine. You read correctly the first time. Nine. Nine? Seriously? “In many … see more

Welcome Home

Don’t you love being welcomed home after a long day at work? One of the first things that I do when I arrive is to take my shoes off. There is nothing more satisfying. Our rituals, no matter what they … see more